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Due to work being done by NIPSCO, some road restrictions will be implemented on Berkey Avenue between Greene Road and Indiana Avenue, and Greene Road between Berkey Avenue and Plymouth Avenue. Berkey Avenue will be closed periodically until Friday, Jan. 18, for a new driveway installation. Flagging will be utilized.

One Wednesday, Jan. 23, and Thursday, Jan. 24, Berkey will be closed for pole replacements.

From Monday, Jan. 28, to Friday, Feb. 1, Greene Avenue will be closed for pole replacements.

The detour for Berkey Avenue will be Indiana Avenue south to Plymouth Avenue to Greene Road. The detour for Greene Road will be Berkey Avenue to Indiana Avenue south to Plymouth. The intersection of Greene and Berkey will remain open during the road closures.


The annual Christmas tree collection will run through February 1. Have your bare trees — no lights, decorations, tinsel or strands— by the curb for a Street Department crew to pick up.

Do not place artificial trees or other decorations at the curb. For more information, contact the Street Department at 533.9711 or


The Tree Board has an open position. The council will review applications and make an appointment.

The Tree Board meets monthly, on the fourth Monday, 7 p.m., at Rieth Interpretive Center. To apply for the position, click here. If you have questions about this position, please contact Aaron Kingsley at

NOTE: The City Council cannot make an appointment until 28 days after this position open announcement was published. 


The Redevelopment Commission has an open position. The council will review applications and make an appointment.

The City of Goshen established the Goshen Redevelopment Commission and the Department of Redevelopment to act as a catalyst for new development in targeted areas. This is done through techniques including real estate acquisition, site preparation, environmental remediation and providing public infrastructure to the site. Financing resources generally used are Tax Incremental Financing (TIF) and Redevelopment General Obligation Bonds. Learn more here.

The Redevelopment Commission meets the Second Tuesday of each month. To apply for the position, click here. If you have questions about this position, please contact the Community Development office at 533-6805.

NOTE: The City Council cannot make an appointment until 28 days after this position open announcement was published. 


Due to construction along Linway Plaza, the eastbound lanes in the 700 block of West Lincoln Avenue (between Indiana and Chicago avenues), will be shifted from Tuesday, January 8, to Friday, January 18.

Additional temporary signage had been installed at intersections close to Linway Plaza to help direct traffic.

Follow The City of Goshen, Indiana on Facebook or for more road construction updates.

2019 Goshen Water and Sewer Rates Implemented

On March 20, 2018 the Goshen City Council approved changes to the water and sewer rates and charges (per ordinances 4939 and 4940). This year, the monthly usage charge has been increased as follows:

Cubic feet of water supplied Rate per 100 cubic feet
First 3,000 cubic feet $2.46
Next 97,000 cubic feet $2.11
Over 100,000 cubic feet $1.24

The Council also approved changes to sewer-rate charges. This year the monthly usage charge has been increased to $6.28 per 100 cubic feet. Monthly service charges, which include administrative fees, fire protection charges and maintenance of meters, also have changed this year. Both water and sewer rate charges will be slightly increased each year until 2022.

Water rates and charges

Meter size Total monthly rate 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022
⅝” meter $12.39 $12.76 $13.14 $13.53 $13.94
¾” meter $15.01 $15.46 $15.92 $16.40 $16.89
1″ meter $20.56 $21.17 $21.81 $22.46 $23.13
1½” meter $33.43 $34.43 $35.46 $36.52 $37.62
2″ meter $50.54 $52.02 $53.61 $55.22 $56.88
3″ meter $104.30 $107.42 $110.64 $113.96 $117.38
4″ meter $159.52 $164.29 $169.22 $174.30 $179.53
6″ meter $296.30 $305.16 $314.31 $323.74 $333.45
8″ meter $459.43 $473.17 $487.37 $501.99 $517.05

Sewer rates and charges

Meter size Service charge 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022
⅝” meter $8.84 $9.86 $10.45 $10.76 $11.09
¾” meter $11.20 $12.49 $13.24 $13.63 $14.04
1″ meter $17.76 $19.70 $20.88 $21.50 $22.15
1½” meter $37.12 $41.39 $43.88 $45.19 $46.55
2″ meter $61.86 $68.97 $73.11 $75.30 $77.56
3″ meter $138.45 $154.37 $163.63 $168.53 $173.59
4″ meter $238.61 $266.05 $282.02 $290.48 $299.20
6″ meter $539.08 $601.07 $637.14 $656.25 $675.94
8″ meter $957.97 $1068.14 $1123.23 $1166.19 $1201.18

Monthly rates for fire-sprinkler meters, private fire hydrants and private fire sprinklers also have changed.

The monthly usage charge for unmetered customers (flat rate customers), are as follows:

  • City water available: User charge is $78.94 per month
  • City water not available: User charge is $53.82 per month

To view a full list of rate charges, go to For other questions, contact the Utility Business Office at 533.9399 or via email at

Goshen, Elkhart nonprofits team up to provide additional shelter

A group of Goshen nonprofits and Faith Mission in Elkhart have organized a plan to aid those who may need a shelter from freezing temperatures this winter.

Beginning in January, Goshen Interfaith Hospitality Network (GIHN) will open its location at 105 S. Third Street to all who may need a warm place to stay the night. The location will serve men and alike. The shelter will operate from 8 p.m. to 8 a.m. every day on days when the temperature dips below 20 degrees according to the Weather Channel forecast for Goshen. It will be open at least through February, when the organizations will gather again and discuss whether the shelter will remain open in March.

Elkhart County Clubhouse, Oaklawn Psychiatric Center, Faith Mission of Elkhart, GIHN and The Window, Inc. will take turns in providing staff and volunteers to greet the homeless as they come in and look over the shelter.
Communication will be ongoing among all the organizations involved, as well as the City of Goshen, and information about the new shelter will be shared directly with known members of the homeless community. Signs will be posted in places frequented by the homeless as well.

“I was overwhelmed by the support and everyone’s work to make this a community effort,” GIHN executive director Mindy Morehead said. “The mayor has also been very involved in working with us so we can provide people with a warm place to sleep on the coldest nights.”

GIHN is accepting donations of pillows and blankets, which would be provided for those staying at the shelter overnight. To learn more and to make a donation, call GIHN at 534.2300.

Storm Drain Art Project 2019 call for artists

The City of Goshen is pleased to announce the return of a popular street art project to this community. The Storm Drain Art Project raises awareness that our local waters need to be protected from the pollutants that flow into storm drains. The theme of the project is “Our rivers are a resource worth protecting.”

Mayor Stutsman added, “In Goshen, artwork can be found in the most unexpected places. As storm drains are collecting stormwater to keep streets and the city from flooding, pollutants are also flowing into the rivers with that stormwater. Artwork next to storm drains will not only add vibrant color to the City, but also bring awareness to the importance of protecting our local waters from pollutants.  This project brings together the amazing talent of local artists with the important message to protect our local resources. I am never disappointed by the talent, spirit, and enthusiasm of the volunteers that continue to make our community a great place to live.”

In advance of the spring project, the City of Goshen is seeking artists who are interested in helping to transform eight of the City’s storm drains, in and around the downtown, into public works of art. Interested artists are encouraged to submit design proposals by midnight on Sunday, February 10. Proposals should include the following:

  • The applicant’s contact information, including their name, address, telephone number, and email address;
  • A description of any applicable art training or experience;
  • A short biography; and
  • Information about the proposed design as well as a color rendition with appropriate dimensions.

This information should be submitted via email to Michelle Kercher at Artists will be notified by March 1 of the City’s selections.

This vibrant community project is being made possible through coordination with My Community My Water LLC, local stormwater fees, the generosity of local businesses and community members, and the time and effort of local artists.

Complete rules are available at:, or on Goshen’s website at: