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Final Leaf Pickup of 2023

Sunday, December 10, 2023

The Goshen Street Department will make one last round of leaf collecting beginning Monday, December 11. Residents who miss this round can still take their leaves to the Environmental Center. Located at 20100 CR 19, the center accepts brush and leaves, loose or in bags, at no charge to Goshen... more

Goshen continues annual Mirth Tree ornament exchange

Monday, December 4, 2023

'Tis the season for spreading joy and reducing waste in Goshen! The City of Goshen's Department of Environmental Resilience is excited to announce the 3rd Annual Mirth Tree Ornament Exchange, a festive initiative to celebrate the holidays in an eco-friendly way. This is the third year residents... more

City of Goshen awarded state volunteerism award

Friday, December 1, 2023

The Environmental Resilience Department poses with the award. Back L to R: Lee Bergey; Aaron Sawatsky-Kingsley, Director of Environmental Resilience; Levi Moser. Front L to R: Theresa Sailor, Education Grant Writer; Melanie Helmuth, Urban Forestry Assistant; Acadia Imhof; Alexa Kennel; Brandi Devoe,... more

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Board of Works

Today, 2:00pm

To join the webinar please copy and paste this link on your browser: or call +1 312 626 6799. Webinar ID: 884 6925 1269 Comments are no longer taken online.

Shade Tree Board

Today, 7:00pm

This meeting is in-person only.

Redevelopment Commission

Tuesday, December 12, 2023, 3:00pm

Trash Collection

Beginning August 1, 2022, the City will be entering into a new trash and recycling contract. Borden Waste Away will continue to be the contractor; however, there will be recycling services added and changes to the trash services provided by the City to residential houses with 4 or less units. Elkhart County is still operating two Drop off Recycling Sites in Goshen: Goshen College - 1700 S Main St & Martin's Supermarket - 1527 Bashor Rd

If you have a question as to whether your site is served by the contract, please contact the City at 574-533-8621

Frequently Asked Questions

Waste Contractor

Question: Who picks up the trash and recycling for the City of Goshen?

Answer: The trash contract for trash pickup is managed by Borden. As of August 1, 2022, Borden will also be picking up recycling from each qualified address biweekly.

Trash & Recycling Carts

Question:  I currently have a Borden trash and/or recycling cart at my house. Will I continue to use them, or will they be replaced?

Answer: Residents will continue to use the Borden-owned carts they currently have.

Question: I own my trash cart. Am I required to use the Borden's trash cart?

Answer: Yes. Borden will deliver a 96-gallon cart for trash and a 96-gallon cart for recycling. Borden remains responsible for the container's everyday wear and tear. Borden does not stock parts for customer-owned containers, nor do they want to be responsible for the safety and correct usage of the container. 

Question: What can I do with my personal trash cart?

Answer: Trash carts can be repurposed into a new life as a compost bin or a rain barrel or other creative options or the trash bin can be recycled? If you would like to have Borden pick up your old trash container to be recycled, place an X (use a permanent marker or paint) on your CLEAN & EMPTY trash can/cart and place it at the curb on your recycling day.

Question: The 96-gallon trash cart is too big for me to handle. Can I get a smaller one?

Answer: Yes, you may call Borden at (574) 293-5001 to request a smaller cart for trash only (a 65-gallon size is available for trash).

Paid Recycling Services

Question: I currently pay for curbside recycling from Borden. Will I get a refund?

Answer: When the recycling program is implemented for City of Goshen Residents as of August 1, Borden will end the subscription account as of July 31 and reimburse money owed the customer.

Trash & Recycling Cart Placement

Question: Where do I place the trash and recycling carts for pickup?

Answer: Carts need three feet of clearance on all sides to allow trucks to empty the cart safely. Do not position carts close together, nor should residents place carts close to mailboxes, vehicles, trees, and other objects.

Question: I currently have trash pickup in the alley. Will that continue in the alley?

Answer: All residents must move trash and recycling carts to the curb of their street beginning August 1 to accommodate trucks needing greater overhead clearance.


Question: When will my trash or recycling cart get picked up?

Answer: Both trash and recycling carts will be emptied on the same day of the week. Trash carts will be emptied every week and recycling carts every other week. Trash and recycling will be picked up by different trucks, often resulting in different times during the day. Recycling pickup will start the second full week in August, 2022.

Additional Trash Items

Question: What if I have more than one 96-gallon cart of trash?

Answer: Bag tags are available for purchase for extra bags of trash that do not fit within the cart (available for $2 each at Martin's Supermarket). In addition to the cart, each residential unit may dispose of two bulky items per month; however, residents must call Borden 877-924-4748 at least 24 hours before their normally scheduled service day to request an item to be picked up. Additional large items can be picked up beyond two but will result in a fee.

If a household consistently will have more than one 96-gallon cart, they can choose to rent another trash cart directly from Borden for $8.00 per month. They will need to call (574) 293-5001.

Question: I have large items that need to be picked up. What do I do?

Answer: Each residential unit may dispose of two bulky items per month; however, residents must call Borden 877-924-4748 at least 24 hours before their normally scheduled service day to request an item to be picked up. Additional large items can be picked up beyond two but will result in a fee.

Question: What if I have more than two large items per month?

Answer: There will be an additional charge based on the item type. The resident will need to call Borden at 574-293-5001 and pay for the item with a credit card in advance of pickup. The list of charges can be found online at the City's website, posted after July 1, 2022.

What can I Recycle? Graphic

Question: What can I place in the recycling cart?

Answer: Recyclable materials shall include cardboard, paperboard, newspaper, magazines/catalogs, copy paper, mail, other office paper products, plastics #1 - #7, glass bottles & jars (clear, brown, and green), and metal cans & foil (aluminum, steel, tin, and bi-metal). All items should be loose (do not place in plastic bags), clear (free from dirt or food), and dry.

Question: What can I do with plastic bags that cannot be recycled in my cart?

Answer: Plastic bags can be recycled at Kroger in a bin by the shopping carts.

Excluded Items (Trash & Recycling)

Question: What items are excluded from trash and recycling?

Answers: Borden is not required to collect the following wastes in weekly collection:

  1. Solid wastes that are not properly contained or are not placed at an appropriate location for collection.
  2. Large items that exceed the monthly limitations per eligible residence (unless the eligible residence purchases extra services from contractor).
  3. Solid wastes, including large items that are generated from a different location than where the wastes are to be collected.
  4. Solid wastes generated from a location that is not eligible for collection services (i.e. business, commercial, industrial, or institutional establishments, including a building containing five (5) or more rental residential units).
  5. Animal carcasses in excess of twenty (20) pounds.
  6. Borden is not permitted to collect the following wastes in weekly collection:
    1. Hazardous wastes.
    2. Flammable/volatile substances.
    3. Whole tires.
    4. Car batteries/lithium batteries.
    5. Electronics (unless the eligible residence purchases extra services from contractor).
    6. Yard wastes consist of leaves.

Additional Notes

If you have questions, please contact the City of Goshen at (574) 533-8621.

Items that can be recycled include