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U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to Conduct Community Interviews 

Wednesday, April 17, 2024

The City of Goshen strives to take the best care for residents and to ensure our drinking water meets all U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Indiana Department of Environmental Management (IDEM) safety requirements.  As part of this process, the EPA will conduct community interviews in Goshen... more

2024 Spring brush pick-up begins April 22

Monday, April 15, 2024

The City of Goshen Street Department will begin the Spring brush pick-up on Monday, April 22, and will run until Friday, May 3, 2024. Please have any yard brush and leaves out before the start date to ensure pick-up. Leaf and brush piles placed in alleyways will not be picked up. Because of the large... more

Beautify Goshen Week 2024

Tuesday, April 9, 2024

In conjunction with the Goshen Chamber of Commerce’s “Beautify Goshen” Week, the Goshen Street Department will offer additional disposal services from Saturday, April 27, to Saturday, May 4, to assist city residents in their “Beautify Goshen” tasks. This free service is only available during this... more

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RESCHEDULE: Board of Aviation Commissioners

Monday, April 22, 2024, 2:00pm

City Council

Monday, April 22, 2024, 6:00pm

To view a live stream of this meeting, go to or call +1 305 224 1968, Webinar ID: 816 5277 7559. Comments are no longer taken online.

Shade Tree Board

Monday, April 22, 2024, 7:00pm

This meeting is in-person only.

Youth Advisors

Header Photo

Mayor Gina Leichty celebrated the final day of the 2023 Youth Advisor term with a tour of City Hall, City facilities, and a helicopter ride. From left to right are Elizabeth Dilworth (Parks & Rec), Lauren Grant (School Board), Briza Tayagua-Delgado (Mayor's Environmental Committee), Tyra Gichobi (CRC), Mayor Leichty, Karen Velazquez Valdes (City Council), and Samara Cleveland (Shade Tree Board).

"The Youth Advisory Commission of Goshen High School aims to engage the student body with the City of Goshen through student-led initiatives. This caucus strives for diversity and inclusivity in all forms to ensure all students are represented." – Youth Advisory Commission Mission Statement.


Pictured on the left is Mayor Jeremy Stutsman as he inaugurates the 2022-2023 Youth Advisors; from left to right are Tyra Gichobi (CRC), Elizabeth Dilworth (Parks & Rec), Samara Cleveland (Shade Tree Board), Briza Tayagua-Delgado (Mayor's Environmental Committee), Lauren Grant (School Board), and Karen Velazquez Valdes (City Council). 

Youth Advisor Program

Since 2016, the City of Goshen has incorporated Youth Advisors in city governance. The initiative allows Goshen High School seniors to serve as youth representatives across varying city departments and aims to strengthen youths' knowledge and involvement in city affairs. In addition to their responsibilities within their elected departments, Youth Advisors act as officers for the Youth Advisory Commission club at Goshen High School; this group is the formal link between the GHS student body and the City of Goshen. 

Mayor Jeremy Stutsman launched the program in 2016 with a single Youth Councilor serving on the City Council. Since that time, it has expanded to include six members.

Jessica Velazquez Valdes (Council)                   Sara Lozano (Community Relations)

Jennifer Olvera-Morgado (Park Board)                    Antonio Perez (Shade Tree Board) 

Skye Steury (Mayor’s Environmental Committee)                    Frida Luna Gallegos (School Board)       


The Process: 

To become a Youth Advisor, prospective contenders must first file for candidacy toward the end of their junior year. The forms are similar to the Declaration of Candidacy used in municipal elections: contenders must acquire ten signatures from peers who support their candidacy, state the position they are campaigning for, and provide personal information and confirmation that they will be just throughout the entirety of the election. 

Once an individual is eligible, contenders can campaign the week before the election. There is no set election date; it is determined year-by-year through a coordinated effort between Goshen High School, the City of Goshen, and the Elkhart County Voter Registration Office. The Mayor will meet with all candidates the day election results are declared. 


Youth Advisors can serve within one of the following departments: 

  • City Council.

    The City Council is Goshen's legislative body, meaning it can pass, amend, or rescind local ordinances/resolutions. The City Council is also Goshen's fiscal body, responsible for approving the annual budget and other financial agreements involving the City. The Goshen City Council Youth Advisor position is non-partisan and participates fully in proceedings, including voting; the vote is not counted towards the legal outcome.

  • Mayor's Environmental Committee. 

    The Mayor's Environmental Advisory Committee is a group of community members examining governmental operations and policies and making recommendations regarding the impact on Goshen residents and their quality of life. This includes recommendations on human physical and mental health and the natural environment. The MEAC seeks to underscore the equation of social justice with environmental justice. The Mayor appoints all members of the Mayor's Environmental Advisory Committee (MEAC). 

  • Parks and Recreation. 

    The Goshen Parks & Recreation Board exercises general supervision and makes rules for the Department of Parks & Recreation. The board also has administrative and fiscal responsibilities over the City's parks.

    The Board's mission is to provide high-quality and effective recreation programs, special events, facilities, and parks that benefit area residents and contribute to Goshen's economy, environment, wellness, and sense of community.

  • Shade Tree Board. 

    The Goshen Shade Tree Board is a group of 7 community members, four appointed by the City Council and three appointed by the Mayor. The Tree Board works closely with the City Forester to explore urban forestry practices and policies, recommend actions, and advocate and educate greater awareness of the critical social, economic, and ecological benefits Goshen's urban forest offers. The Tree Board welcomes non-members to its meetings. 

  • Community Relations Commission. 

    The Community Relations Commission Council (CRC) aims to deepen understanding of other cultures and differences while finding ways to unite as a community. The CRC promotes safety and wholeness throughout the City while striving for a dynamic community.

  • School Board. 

    The School Board is a group of 7 elected school officials. The School Board works together to discuss policies, set budgets, and administer personnel. The youth advisor to the School Board will meet with the superintendent to discuss student concerns and to advise the superintendent on other school-related matters. The School Board meetings are strictly for concerns relating to general operations of the school system, whereas the superintendent meetings are for more specific concerns.