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Thursday, January 11, 2018

Note: A previous version of this story listed Third Street as SR 15. Main Street is SR 15 and US 33. We are sorry for the error. When there is a lull in the snow and freezing rain, the Street Department will be patching pot holes. If you know of a pothole in a city street, call the Street Department... more


Monday, January 8, 2018

  Stay up to date on your City utility bills by enrolling in the EZ Pay Program. By completing a simple application, residents can have their monthly water and sewer bill automatically deducted from their checking or savings account. To receive an application visit our website or pick one... more


Monday, January 8, 2018

Please help keep the city storm drains unclogged by monitoring them and cleaning them as needed. The large amounts of snow, sand and salt, coupled with fluctuating temperatures and  chances of rain this week could be a cause for clogged storm drains to overflow. By keeping an eye on those storm... more

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RESCHEDULED TO 1/16 Board of Public Works & Safety & Stormwater

Monday, January 22, 2018, 2:00pm

Moved to Jan. 16 due to the holiday

Park Board meeting

Monday, January 22, 2018, 5:30pm

Shade Tree Board meeting

Monday, January 22, 2018, 7:00pm

Stormwater Toolbox Newsletter Archive

Welcome to the Stormwater Toolbox Newsletter Archive. You will find each Newsletter arranged chronologically below along with a general description of the topics contained in each newsletter.

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December - Find out what happened this year in the world of stormwater both locally and globally and a small preview of what is to come in 2018 as you read this month's Newsletter. Additionally, we here at the Goshen Stormwater Department would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and Peace to All.
January - Find a refresher on why the City of Goshen is considered an MS4 and find out who the Stormwater Hunter of 2016 is. The Greater Elkhart County Stormwater Partnership is also looking for pictures for the 2018-2019 Elkhart County Waters calendar. (Spanish)
February - Find out what steps to follow on small construction projects to prevent stormwater pollution and learn about what can and cannot be dumped down a drain (storm, kitchen, and bathroom).
March - Spills happen sometimes when fueling your vehicle so check out this month’s Stormwater Toolbox Newsletter for a few tips on what to do if you find yourself in a spill situation. You can also participate in Mayor Stutsman’s Year of Goodness by picking up trash or by adopting a storm drain.
April - When open dumpsters mix with rain or melting snow it results in something called "dumpster tea" and it is not something you want to drink or put into the environment. In this month's Newsletter, you will find what steps to take to make sure dumpster tea is not on the menu the next time you take out the trash. Also, read about the connection between the application of fertilizer and pesticides, and how they can negatively affect water quality.
May - Sediment is a major pollutant in our waterways worldwide and we must do all we can to prevent it from getting there. One way to do this is to put inlet protection measures on storm drains and you can find out one method in this month's Newsletter. Another pollutant of concern is grass clippings and if they reach a storm drain they can create both water quality and drainage issues.
June - The City of Goshen uses secondary containment measures at City facilities to prevent stormwater pollution. You can also find out more about why fireworks, even though they are beautiful, can harm the water quality of our waterways.
July - Everyone has a part to play in keeping our local waterways clean. See how Goshen employees play a vital role in the Stormwater Pollution Prevention Teams at each municipal facility and to read about a clean-up day along Rock Run Creek held by a local non-profit group called The Rains.
August - Find out what the 7 steps to take are when responding and cleaning up a spill. Additionally, find out why Litter/Trash is a present day "Tragedy of the Commons" and what you can do to make sure litter/trash do not reach our local waterways.
September - Happy New Water Year! In this month's Newsletter, you can read about tips to take this fall to keep leaves from becoming a stormwater pollutant and what the past water year looked like.
October - Find out why trash and construction debris are two common stormwater pollutants from construction sites when they are not disposed of correctly. We also recognize the 45th Anniversary of the Clean Water Act and why it is important to protect our water resources. 
November - Thank you to all City of Goshen Employees for the work they do every day to minimize stormwater pollution. In turn, thank you to each resident of Goshen for doing some of these same things. As we enter the Holiday Season it is important to prevent issues with F.O.G. and this month you can read about how Thanksgiving and Stormwater are connected.


January - When it Snows the City Street Department's snow plows are sure to follow.
February - Stormwater pollution during winter months.
March - Sediment is a problem for local water quality.
April - No Newsletter
May - Trash in our local waterways is a problem and grass clippings are a stormwater pollutant of concern. 
June - Car washing can affect our local waterways and cigarette butts are a stormwater pollutant of concern.
July - Eutrophication and how you can prevent it and Clear Choices Clean Water.
August - Household Hazardous Waste and what to do with it, Top Ten Stormwater Myths and the truths behind them, and August is National Water Quality Month.
September - Stormwater Tips for the Fall and How You Can Help Prevent Stormwater Pollution.
October - Happy New Water Year! Find out what the celebration is all about and why trees are important in reducing the impact of stormwater runoff.
November - Winter is coming and those areas of bare soil need some cover. Learn more about why any cover is better than none. The Great Lakes are a wonderful treasure but we are filling them with an unknown plastic pollutant: microfibers. (Spanish)
December - Electronic waste or e-waste is a major source of soil and water pollution and food and beverage packaging is a major source of waterborne trash. Learn more about how to reduce and eliminate these sources of pollution in this month's Newsletter.


May - Introduction of the City Stormwater Staff.
June - IDEM Audit date finalized and storm drain markers installed in Downtown Goshen.
July - Fireworks, are beautiful but they can create stormwater issues. Grass clippings and why it is important to keep them in your yard.
August - Find out what to do if your vehicle is leaking and why it is important to fix leaks right away.
September - Find out what a watershed is and the threats the Great Lakes faces today and into the future.
October - No Newsletter
November - Happy New Water Year! Only you can prevent threats to the Great Lakes.
December - The 12 Clogs of Christmas and the Great Stormwater Hunt of 2015.

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