BOIL WATER ORDER – S. Main Street & Carter Road


On Tuesday, May 16th, a water main valve was shut off to repair a water main break, which was repaired by 11:10 pm last night. The water was immediately turned back on but until all necessary testing is completed and the water is deemed safe to drink a boil water order is in effect for the area of S. Main Street and Carter Road (see the MAP for more details) until further notice.

City water within the affected area should not be consumed by humans or pets without first following these boiling procedures:

  • Bring the water (even if it is filtered) to a full boil for at least five (5) minutes.
  • Cool and aerate the boiled water by pouring it through the air from one clean container to another or mixing rapidly with a clean utensil.
  • Aeration helps to reduce the flat taste caused by boiling.
  • Store cooled boiled water in clean and airtight containers.           

Please discard all ice from ice-making machines that use city water and turn them off until the boil water order is lifted.

The water remains safe for bathing, laundry, and restroom facilities. Cleaning dishes with a dishwasher is acceptable if it has a sanitizing cycle (180 degrees F minimum final rinse temperature). Hand-washed dishes should be rinsed with boiled or bottled water.

Be careful to not swallow any water during bathing or showering and used bottled or boiled water for brushing your teeth.

Water samples will be taken and analyzed for the presence of bacteria. If two consecutive tests pass, the boil water order will be lifted. Notice of the boil water order cancellation will be posted to the City’s Facebook and Website. For further information or to report specific service concerns, please call Ana Rios at the Goshen Water Department at 574-534-5306.