Newly elected officials sworn into office

Goshen Mayor Gina Leichty was sworn into office today, December 27, along with all other newly elected city officials.

All officials included in the official swearing-in ceremony were Mayor Leichty, Clerk-Treasurer Richard Aguirre, City Judge Richard Mehl, and City Councilors Don Reigsecker, District 1; Doug Nisley, District 2; Matt Schrock, District 3; Megan Peel, District 4; Phil Lederach, District 5; Brett Weddell, At-large; and Linda Gerber, At-large.  

“This team of councilors is a mixture of both veterans and new members who are bringing fresh perspectives and decades of community connections, and I know all of them are eager to serve Goshen,” said Mayor Leichty. “I’ve always been inspired by Goshen’s ability and dedication to working in a bipartisan way for the good of our community, and I have full faith this tradition will continue with this group of elected officials.”

The swearing-in ceremony occurred after a brief final council meeting to wrap up necessary year-end financial business.

Outgoing Councilors Gilberto Perez Jr., District 5, and Julia King, At-large, were thanked for their service to Goshen and presented with Keys to the City during the council meeting on December 18.