City of Goshen announces new firefighter training program in partnership with Goshen Community Schools

The City of Goshen and Goshen Community Schools announced a new Fire and EMS Pathway Program during Monday’s joint City Council and Goshen School Board meeting to enable students from Goshen High School to complete fire and EMS training. 

“This exciting new partnership between the City of Goshen and Goshen Community Schools is the result of the innovative thinking and dedication of individuals from both organizations,” said Mayor Gina Leichty. “I’m looking forward to the continued partnership with Goshen Schools and helping provide opportunities for students to develop marketable skills for life after high school.”  

This two-year program allows students to gain the necessary certifications through Ivy Tech to fulfill all requisite skills required to be hired as a firefighter or an EMT. Recruitment for the program will begin immediately, with plans for the program to start at the beginning of the 2024-25 school year. This new pathway program will be housed in the Chandler building.  

The Fire and EMS Pathway Program will not only provide students who aren’t planning on attending college the opportunity to pursue a well-paying career straight out of high school but also fulfill a need for new recruitment avenues for the Goshen Fire Department.  

“I am so excited for Goshen High School to work with the City of Goshen on the new Fire and EMS pathway,” said Jim DuBois, Goshen Community Schools Superintendent. “This new opportunity for our students fits neatly with my belief that the education of young people is really a community responsibility. Our students and our community both benefit when we work together.” 

While a similar program is available at the Elkhart Area Career Center, transportation to and from the facility in Elkhart has, at times, proved difficult. Having this program housed in Chandler will remove barriers to student participation.  

“The new pathway will not only provide valuable career opportunities for our students but will also contribute to the community by increasing the pool of qualified firefighters and emergency medical personnel,” said Cathy DeMeyer, Goshen High School Principal. “Having GHS alumni already serving as Goshen firefighters and paramedics adds a meaningful connection for us, and we hope it will serve as an inspiration for our students.” 

Goshen Fire Department has selected Travis Peak as the instructor and recruiter for the program. Peak has led the Fire Academy for the Goshen Fire Department for the last five years. Goshen Community Schools will also provide a mentor teacher to help guide students through the program.  

“The Goshen Fire Department is extremely excited to partner with Goshen Community Schools in offering this new pathway program,” said Goshen Fire Chief Dan Sink. “We always look for opportunities to serve the Goshen community beyond our daily emergency response, and being able to provide education to Goshen students has been a dream of ours.” 

With the creation of this new training facility, the Goshen Fire Department will also have the potential to offer EMS training to the public, expanding medical training opportunities for everyone.