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Police Chief Jose’ Miller has issued a statement in response to some community members’ concerns over a police call that happened Friday, Aug. 21, 2020. Had this been a call resulting in an arrest or investigation, these details would not be available for immediate release in order to protect the integrity of the investigation.

According to the Elkhart County dispatch center, a 911 call was made Friday at 9:23 a.m. at Ultra Clean Laundry, 430 W. Pike St., with reports of a Black man in his 40s with dreadlocks wearing a blue jacket, plaid shorts and a backpack holding a possible fake knife to another customer’s throat and threatening to kill him. It was reported this same individual was outside yelling about “killing all white people.”

Because of the severity of what was reported in the call, several officers in the area were dispatched to the laundromat. Upon arrival, the responding officers were told the man had left toward Rogers Park on a bike with another Black man. Officers were informed the subject held the fake knife to his own throat and pointed to a patron in the business.

Within minutes of canvassing the area, officers found a man who matched the description made to dispatch, including that the man was in his 40s, with dreadlocks and wearing a blue jacket, plaid shorts and a backpack. The man was riding a bicycle on 3rd Street, across from Lake City Bank.

Police officers spoke with the man, who denied being at the site reported. After an interaction of less than five minutes, the man left the scene.

A concerned resident, having witnessed the interaction between the police officers and the man, made a post on Facebook with critical comments about how officers handled the call.

Chief Miller, the Assistant Chief and the Patrol Chief have read the report from dispatch and viewed video caught on the officers’ vest cameras, finding no indication of an inappropriate response. Though these concerns are usually handled by the police department’s administration, Mayor Stutsman reviewed the report and video as well.
Chief Miller had the following statement:

“I understand there are heightened emotions toward law enforcement, now as much as ever. This does not negate the fact that police must still perform their duties. The officers investigated this incident not only for the safety of the community, but also for the safety of the individual himself. My hope is communities resist the temptation to cast judgement until the facts or circumstances of a particular situation are known.”

In addition to the concern for how the officers responded to the call, several comments were made criticizing officers for not wearing masks. Chief Miller addressed those concerns also:

“The officer that responded to the business wore his mask when speaking with the witness. Officers maintained social distancing while dealing with the individual along the street. After reviewing the videos, no violations of Indiana Governor Holcomb’s Executive Order, the order from the Elkhart County Health Department, Mayor Stutsman’s Executive Order, and the order issued by myself, were observed.”


Brush pickup for the month of August begins August 31, 2020.

During scheduled brush collections, the Street Department will make only one pass through the city to pick up brush. Please have your brush by the front curb, but not in the street, by that first day in the morning at 7 a.m. Brush will not be picked up in alleys. The piles of brush should be trash-free. Crews cannot access the piles if blocked by vehicles.

For information regarding Dial-A-Trailer and the Brush Trailer, go to

The next summer brush pick up week will begin on September 28, 2020 — last brush pickup of the year


The Goshen Parks & Recreation Department will reopen its splash pads for the remainder of the season beginning Friday, Aug. 21, 2020, at noon.

The splash pads in Goshen’s three locations will be active from noon to 8 p.m. every day of the week. Rather than shutting them off on the Labor Day weekend as done in years past, the splash pads will remain open until the weather begins cooling down consistently in the fall. Goshen’s three splash pad locations are at:

  • Rieth Park  (South 13th Street, between Iowa and Illinois streets)
  • Walnut Park (224 E. Oakridge Ave.)
  • New Goshen Rotary Club splash pad at Pringle Park (1912 W. Lincoln Ave.)

The splash pads were shut off this summer due to a concern in rising numbers of COVID-19 cases in Elkhart County. To continue keeping the number of cases down in our community, residents are asked to continue following the guidelines set out by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: Keep a distance of at least 6 ft. from others, and—with the exception of those playing in the splash pads—wear a face mask where social distancing cannot be achieved.

The Parks & Recreation Department may shut off the splash pads again if the City sees a rise in COVID-19 cases in the community. Please check the City of Goshen’s website at or follow the City on Facebook or Twitter at or


The City of Goshen will begin construction for the installation of a new water main in East Goshen.

Steury Avenue will be restricted to one lane beginning Aug. 24, 2020.

East Lincoln Avenue will be closed west of Steury Avenue beginning Aug. 27. The closure is expected to last no more than three days. The detour for Lincoln Ave. (SR 4) heading east will be Olive Street to Middlebury Street (CR 22), to CR 28 to CR 127.

Lincoln Avenue also can be access through Blackport Drive. Businesses and homes along E. Lincoln Avenue will remain accessible from the west-bound lane.


**If you are behind on your water and sewer utility bills by three months or more, please call the utilities business office at 533-9399 immediately to apply for financial assistance.**

We are humbled to hear that some residents have expressed interest in donating to the City’s fund that is being used for the utilities financial assistance program. We are thankful to those who have expressed their desire to help out their neighbors.

To donate you can make a check to the City of Goshen with “Emergency Relief Fund” in the memo line.

You may drop off the check or mail it to City Hall, 202 S. 5th St., Ste. 2, Goshen, IN 46528.


Para leer este anuncio en español, haga clic aquí.

Goshen City residents experiencing economic hardships during the COVID-19 pandemic can apply for financial assistance to help pay for their water and sewer bills.

Goshen water and sewer utility customers facing shut-offs may qualify to receive up to $200 in financial assistance to help cover a total or partial payment. The City estimates there are over 400 households facing shut-offs due to being three or more months behind in paying their bills.

Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb placed a moratorium on evictions and utility shut-offs in March to help protect Hoosiers facing hardship due to the pandemic. The utility shut-off moratorium expires Aug. 14.

Residents behind on their utility payments by three months or more should contact the utilities office before Aug. 18 to begin the financial aid application process. This week, water and sewer utility office workers are placing calls to residents who may qualify for the program.

“We understand this is a time of economic uncertainty for many of our residents,” Mayor Jeremy Stutsman said. “We hope that this program, in combination with other local resources in our community, help bring relief to those in need of assistance.”

Helping with the task of counseling residents behind on their payments will be Lacasa. The City entered into an agreement with the local nonprofit, which will be in charge of verifying whether a resident qualifies to receive financial relief and walking the resident through the application process.

The counselor from Lacasa will also help connect customers with other known local resources that are providing additional COVID-19-related financial assistance.

Chris Kingsley, Lacasa president and CEO, said the organization is eager to work with the City to help guide residents in meeting their payment obligations.

“We believe that everyone should have a safe, stable home and partnering with the City of Goshen to provide utilities assistance is a tangible way we can work to deliver this outcome to many local families,” he said.

In addition to qualifying for financial assistance, residents also may have payment options to help pay their water and sewer utility bills in smaller increments. During this time, and through November 2020, households will not be charged late fees for delayed payments.

The water and sewer utilities financial assistance program is temporary and expires Sept. 30, 2020.

If you are behind on your water and sewer utility bills by three months or more, please call the utilities business office at 533-9399 immediately to apply for financial assistance.


North Main Street, just north of Rock Run Creek (south of the junction with Middleburu Street), is closed to traffic Thursday, August 6, 2020, to allow for work replacing a damaged sewer pipe.

The section of North Main Street may remain closed through Friday morning if work cannot be completed this evening.


The Elkhart County Highway Department will close the bridge on Monroe Street at Rock Run Creek for maintenance, which will consist of sealing the concrete bridge deck.

The work will take place Monday, Aug. 10, 2020, and is expected to be completed in one day.

Traffic will be diverted at Logan Street and Blackport Drive with advance warning at the US 33/Monroe Street intersection.


These tags were attached temporarily to two Red Oak trees at the City of Goshen Annex Building (corner of S. 5th St and Jefferson St.).

They document the ecological benefits in dollar values which each tree provides to the residents of Goshen. They help to explain the need for the City’s urban tree Canopy Goal of 45 percent tree coverage by 2045.

There are two more tags attached to Honey Locust trees along the Millrace Bikepath near the Rieth Interpretive Center. Stormwater intern, Katie Shirk, designed and created the tags.