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Tuesday, August 21, 2018

The Interurban Trolley fixed route service and the Interurban Trolley ADA Access service will not operate in Elkhart or Goshen on Monday, September 3, 2018, due to the Labor Day holiday. Regular service will resume on Tuesday, September 4, 2018. ADA Access riders should schedule transportation... more


Tuesday, August 21, 2018

The City of Goshen Water and Sewer Department will be replacing a sewer lateral to a property on the 1500 block of Westmoor Parkway. For the safety of the work crews and traffic, Westmoor Parkway will be closed to traffic beginning at 7 a.m. Wednesday, Aug. 22, and reopening to traffic for the weekend,... more


Thursday, August 16, 2018

The Goshen City Council will be presented "Proposed Ordinance 4960, Restrictions on smoking and use of e-cigarettes, vaping," at their upcoming meeting on Tuesday, Aug. 21 and will vote on it on FIRST READING. **Click here to read Proposed Ordinance 4960** The Council wants to hear from the... more

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Summer brush pickup

Monday, August 27, 2018

During scheduled brush collections, the Street Department will make only one pass through the city to pick up brush. Please have your brush by the front curb, but not in the street, by that Monday morning at 7:00 am. Brush will not be picked up in alleys and the piles should be trash free. Crews cannot access the piles if blocked by vehicles.

Board of Public Works & Safety & Stormwater

Monday, August 27, 2018, 2:00pm

Shade Tree Board meeting

Monday, August 27, 2018, 7:00pm

Boards & Commissions

Boards & Commissions

Application for City Board or Commission Appointment

City Council

  • Jim McKee (Republican)
  • Doug Nisley (Republican)
  • Mike Orgill (Republican)
  • Julia Gautsche (Democrat)
  • Adam Scharf (Democrat)
  • Brett Weddell (Republican) - President
  • Julia King (Democrat)

To learn more about the City Council and ways to contact council members, click here

Board of Public Works & Safety

  • Mayor Jeremy Stutsman
  • Michael Landis
  • Mitch Day

To learn more about the Board of Public Works & Safety, click here

Redevelopment Commission

  • Tom Stump
  • Vince Turner
  • Brian Krider
  • Andrea Johnson
  • Brett Weddell
  • Jose Elizalde (school liaison)

To learn more about the Redevelopment Commission, click here

Plan Commission

  • Leslie Biek, City Engineering – Ongoing appointment
  • Connie Garber, President, Board of Public Works and Safety appointment (term 1-1-18 to 12-31-18)
  • Tom Holtzinger, Secretary, Citizen appointed by Mayor (term 1-1-18 to 12-31-21)
  • John R. King, Citizen appointed by Mayor (term 1-1-17 to 12-31-20)
  • Aracelia Manriquez, Citizen appointed by Mayor (term 1-1-16 to 12-31-19)
  • Joe McCorkel, Citizen appointed by Mayor (term 1-1-18 to 12-31-21)
  • Jim McKee, VP, City Council appointment (term 1-1-16 to 12-31-19)
  • Rolando Ortiz, Citizen appointed by Mayor (term 1-1-15 to 12-31-18)
  • James Wellington, Park Board appointment (term 1-1-15 to 12-31-18)

To learn more about Plan Commission, click here

Board of Zoning Appeals

  • Richard Aguirre, Secretary, appointed by Mayor (term 1-1-16 to 12-31-19)
  • Tom Holtzinger, Chair, appointed by Mayor (term 1-1-18 to 12-31-21)*
  • Brad Hunsberger, appointed by Mayor (term 1-1-16 to 12-31-19)
  • Aracelia Manriquez, Vice Chair, appointed by Plan Commission (term 1-1-18 to 12-31-21)*
  • James Ramer, appointment by Council (term 2-7-17 to 12-31-20)

To learn more about the Board of Zoning Appeals, click here
* Is a member of the City of Goshen Plan Commission

Board of Aviation Commissioners

  • Denny Richmond
  • Galen Miller
  • Steve Johnson
  • Patty Morgan
  • Paris Ball-Miller

To learn more about the Board of Aviation, click here

Community Relations Commission

  • Lizzy Diaz - Chair
  • Sreekala Rajagopalan
  • David Araujo
  • Evan Miller
  • Michelle Fanfair-Steury
  • Glenn Null
  • Clarence Michael Hogan
  • Jose Rocha

To learn more about the Community Relations Commission, click here.  To see a full list of commissioners and contact information, click here.

Board of Cemetery Trustees

  • Mary Lou Hetler
  • Laura Ann Martin
  • Phil Self
  • Colin Yoder

This board meets quarterly, on the first Thursday, 2 p.m., at the City Hall Conference Room.

Goshen Housing Authority Board

  • Allan Kauffman
  • Richard Miller
  • Amber Wolfer

This board meets monthly, on the last Tuesday, 7 a.m., in the City Hall Conference Room. Although the US Department of Housing and Urban Development oversees this board in its entirety, the mayor of the city has the right to appoint its members. 

Parks & Recreation Board

  • JD Hershberger
  • Roger Nafziger
  • Barb Swartley
  • James Wellington
  • Doug Yoder

This board meets monthly, on the third Monday, 5:30 p.m., at Rieth Interpretive Center. To learn more about the Parks and Recreation Board, click here.

Shade Tree Board

  • Kristen Savage
  • Jonathan Corbin
  • Krista Daniels
  • Joe Dervin
  • Ned Kauffman
  • Stan King
  • Donald Minter

This board meets monthly, on the fourth Monday, 7 p.m., at Rieth Interpretive Center.

Mayor's Arts Council

  • Joni Earl (term 9-1-16 to 12-31-18)
  • Tim Near (term 9-1-16 to 12-31-18)
  • John Mishler (term 9-1-16 to 12-31-18)
  • Kathy Stiffney (term 9-1-16 to 12-31-18)
  • Rafael Chavez (term 9-1-16 to 12-31-18)
  • Sunday Mahaja (term 9-1-16 to 12-31-18)
  • Anna Wiebe (term 1-1-18 to 12-31-20)
  • Josh Cooper (term 1-1-18 to 12-31-20)
  • Jerry Lapp (term 5-1-18 to 12-31-20)
  • Marcia Yost (term 5-1-18 to 12-31-20)
  • Brian Whirledge (term 5-1-18 to 12-31-20)
  • Kelly Kramer (term 5-1-18 to 12-31-20)

To learn more about the Mayor's Art Council, click here. 

Mayor's Latino Advisory Committee

  • Richard Aguirre
  • Rocio Diaz
  • Rosa Alba
  • Jose Elizalde
  • Daisy Gaspar
  • Virginia Munoz
  • Ignacio Zepeda

All members of the MLAC are appointed by the Mayor and serve in the capacity of advising the Mayor on issues related to the Latino community in Goshen. 

Goshen Public Library Board of Trustees

  • David Plank, President (term 2016-2020)
  • Paula Showalter, VP (term 2015-2019)
  • Brad Mosness, Secretary (term 2017-2019)*
  • Jane Erickson (term 2017-2021)
  • Cody Newport (term 2018-2022)
  • Steve Olsen (term 2016-2020)
  • Jimmer Prieto (term 2017-2021)

To learn more about the Goshen Public Library Board of Trustees, click here. 
* Appointed by the Goshen City Council