City of Goshen’s 2024 Pavement Preservation Program will begin Monday June 10th

Beginning on Monday, June 10th, 2024, RejuvTec Inc., will begin the City of Goshen’s pavement preservation program by treating roads with Reclamite®.  

Reclamite ®is a rejuvenating fog seal that will be applied to the streets listed below. RejuvTec will be working from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., weather permitting. Expect traffic control with some lane restrictions and minimal disruption to traffic in the following areas.

6/10/24 – North and South Eisenhower Dr. Dierdorff Rd.Dierdorff Rd.
6/10/24 – Westwood Rd.Gra-Roy Dr.S. Main St.
6/11/24 – S. 16th St.College Ave.E. Plymouth Ave.
6/11/24 – East. Douglas and East  ReynoldsU.S. 33 (Lincolnway East)U.S. 33 (Lincolnway East)
6/11/24 – S. 16th St.E. Douglas St.E. Reynolds St.
6/11/24 – S. 16th St.E. Reynolds St.Egbert Ave.
6/12/24 – Fescue Ct.Michigan Ave.Cul-de-sac
6/12/24 – Mayfield Dr.Greene Rd.Bashor Rd.
6/12/24 – S. Indiana Ave.W. Plymouth Ave.500 Feet North of Indiana Ave.

This process will help restore the asphalt pavement, eliminate cracking and potholes, reduce road fatigue, and slow the oxidation process. This technology is designed to extend the life of pavement.

Application Process:

  • Traffic and all parked vehicles must be off the scheduled roadway by 8:00 a.m.
  • The contractor will close the road to apply the treatment.
  • Sand will be applied, and the road will then be cleared for traffic.  Do not drive on the road until after the sand has been applied because the road will be slick, and oil can get on vehicles. 
  • Please keep vehicle speed to a minimum for several days following treatment to reduce the chance of residue on vehicles. 
  • In case of inclement weather or water on the roads, work scheduled for that day will be moved to the following day.
  • If residue gets on driveways, you may wash it with water or let it wear off in approximately two to six weeks.  If residue gets on a vehicle, wash it immediately with soap and water or use a mild solvent remover such as Bug and Tar Remover, WD-40, etc. 

For additional questions, please contact the Street Department at 574-534-9711 or