Please help keep the city storm drains unclogged by monitoring them and cleaning them as needed. The large amounts of snow, sand and salt, coupled with fluctuating temperatures and  chances of rain this week could be a cause for clogged storm drains to overflow.

By keeping an eye on those storm drains, residents can help prevent flooding in our streets. If you have any questions or need help unclogging a drain, please contact the Water and Sewer Department at 534.5306 or

In the meantime, the Goshen Street Department will continue to sweep Goshen’s streets to keep sand, salt, and other debris from entering our local waterways (though priority is given to snow removal), and Goshen’s Water and Sewer Department will continue to clean out storm drains so they function correctly, both to allow stormwater runoff to drain off of our streets and so sediment and other debris are captured.