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City of Goshen awarded state volunteerism award

Friday, December 1, 2023

The Environmental Resilience Department poses with the award. Back L to R: Lee Bergey; Aaron Sawatsky-Kingsley, Director of Environmental Resilience; Levi Moser. Front L to R: Theresa Sailor, Education Grant Writer; Melanie Helmuth, Urban Forestry Assistant; Acadia Imhof; Alexa Kennel; Brandi Devoe,... more

Notice of Adoption of City of Goshen Ordinance 5171

Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Notice is given that Ordinance 5171, Amending Ordinance Violations Bureau, was passed by the Goshen Common Council on November 13, 2023, and approved and adopted by Mayor Leichty. Ordinance 5171 describes and continues the operation of previously established City of Goshen Ordinance Violations Bureau;... more

Notice of Adoption of Ordinance 5170

Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Notice is given that Ordinance 5170, Regulation of Open Burning in the City of Goshen and Providing Penalties for Violations of Such Regulations, was passed by the Goshen Common Council on November 13, 2023, and approved and adopted by Mayor Leichty. Ordinance 5170 prohibits open burning in the... more

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Board of Works

Today, 2:00pm

To join the webinar please copy and paste this link on your browser: or call +1 312 626 6799. Webinar ID: 884 6925 1269 Comments are no longer taken online.

City Council

Today, 6:00pm

To view a live stream of this meeting, go to or call +1 305 224 1968, Webinar ID: 897 2151 5585. Comments are no longer taken online.

Downtown Goshen EID

Thursday, December 7, 2023, 7:30am

Downtown Goshen Economic Improvement District

Community Relations Building

Goshen has always been a police department that has had great relationships in the community. Our department’s leading goal is to form more relationships in the community especially with the youth. This has been the primary goal for our department since I became Chief of Police. Below are just a few of the ways Goshen Police Department accomplishes this goal.

  • School Resource Officers working in schools
  • Officers assigned to “Neighborhood Associations” who attend meetings and gatherings
  • Special community meetings to discuss various topics
  • Assign officers from various shifts to greet kids going to schools
  • Visit youth centers such as Boys and Girls Club to spend time talking with kids
  • Citizens Academy
  • First Friday Patrol
  • Neighborhood informational meetings
  • Road races, traffic control assistance
  • 4-H fair patrol and grandstand security
  • Escort requests- motorcycle rides, bicycle rides, funeral processions
  • Parade, traffic control and escort
  • Requests from schools to participate in special functions and after school sports
  • Requests from religious and civic groups for officer attendance and / or department tours
  • Bicycle patrols
  • K-9 searches for business owners and schools
  • K-9 demonstrations for children and public
  • Shop with a Cop
  • Training for local businesses in case of active killer situations
  • Multi department / organization emergency training
  • Police Department tours
  • Local fairs and festival attendance (ie. Ethnic Festival, GGH Health Fair, Kids Triathlon, etc)
  • Special “Stop by” for children’s functions (ie. Birthdays, lemonade stands, recovering children from health issues, etc.)
  • Department initiated online surveys
  • Utilize social media for alerts, feedback, and opinions
  • Ride along with officers to better understand the job
  • Troubled youth mentorship

These are just some of the activities in which our department members participate to build relationships with our community still while responding to calls for service. In addition, there are many things officers do on their own not expecting any recognition. The only way we found out was by social media or thank you letters. Some of these deeds they have done are listed below.

  • Officers have purchased bikes for kids out of their own pocket
  • Officers have purchased shoes and food for houseless individuals
  • Officers started a “Pay-it-Forward” program where they assist members in the community with financial or other assistance
  • Officers have re-donated items they received to others in the community
  • Officers have fixed flat tires on many occasions
  • Assisted elderly with yard work

These are just some of the things we have found out our officers have done for the community on their own. I am certain there are many more kind deeds they have done which we have not been notified of. Police officers chose this profession because they have a special calling. This calling is the constant need of helping their community and making a difference in life. For this, I am extremely proud of the officers worldwide and especially the ones at the Goshen Police Department.