Dear Goshen High School 2020 Graduate –

Graduating Class of 2020, trees will be available for contactless pickup when you receive your caps and gowns.

To select your species of tree beforehand, please complete the following Google Form with your complete name.

You may plant at your at home, or another private site of your choosing. If you don’t want to take a tree, we will find a place to plant it in your honor. Either way, your tree will serve as an enduring symbol of this significant achievement in your life. Additionally, the planting of your tree will help our city reach its goal of 45% canopy coverage by 2045.

The trees provided were grown in the Indiana State Nursery. They are all seedlings and are about 18-24 inches tall. We have 100 of each, and will be made available as first come first serve:

Bur Oak – A large tree, growing to 60 feet or more, with a possible 60 food spread. It produces acorns, which are great for wildlife.

Sycamore – A large tree, growing to 70 feet with a 50-foot spread. Well known for its smooth, white and mottled bark as it matures.

Gray Dogwood – A small, flowering tree or bush, which grows to about 12 feet tall. Its clusters of small white flowers are distinctive in the spring.

American Plum – A small tree, growing to about 15 feet tall. Covers itself with white blossoms in the spring, which yield sweet, small fruit in the summer.

Chinkapin Oak – A medium-sized tree, about 40 feet tall at maturity. Unusually shaped “sawtooth” edged leaves, and its medium size make it a versatile and interesting tree.

Remember to call Indiana “811” to locate underground utilities at least two business days before you dig. See our website for more information: