Notice of Adoption of Ordinance 5188, Fire Prevention Ordinance of the City of Goshen, Indiana

      Ordinance 5188, Fire Prevention Ordinance of the City of Goshen, Indiana, was passed by the Goshen Common Council on June 10, 2024, and approved and adopted by Mayor Leichty on June 10, 2024. 

      Ordinance 5188 sets forth the fire prevention regulations for the City of Goshen and incorporates all rules of the Indiana Fire Prevention and Building Safety Commission set forth in 675 IAC Articles 12, 13, 18, 22, and 25, including any later amendments to the Articles.  The Fire Chief, or the Fire Chief’s designee, shall have the authority to enforce these fire prevention regulations, including enforcement of the provisions of the Indiana General Administrative Rules, Indiana Fire Code, Indiana Building Code, Indiana Mechanical Code, Indiana Fuel Gas Code, Ordinance 5188, or any other rule of the Indiana Fire Prevention Building Safety Commission.  Ordinance 5188 also provides for emergency planning in crowd management; installation and maintenance of fire service features, including fire lane markings, gates or barricades, key boxes, water supply for firefighting purposes, and fire flow requirements; emergency lighting activation testing and recordkeeping requirements; and the planning, approval, installation and maintenance of fire protection systems.

      The City may enforce a violation of Ordinance 5188 in the City’s Ordinance Violations Bureau with a penalty of $175 for a first offense, $225 for a second offense in a 12-month period, and $250 for a third offense in a 12-month period.  The City may also enforce Ordinance 5188 by filing an action in any court of general jurisdiction to recover a fine not exceeding $2500.  Each day of violation may be construed as a separate offense.

      Ordinance 5188 is available for inspection in its entirety during regular business hours at the Goshen Clerk-Treasurer’s Office located at 202 S. Fifth Street, Goshen, Indiana.