Notice of Adoption of City of Goshen Ordinance 5171

Notice is given that Ordinance 5171, Amending Ordinance Violations Bureau, was passed by the Goshen Common Council on November 13, 2023, and approved and adopted by Mayor Leichty. Ordinance 5171 describes and continues the operation of previously established City of Goshen Ordinance Violations Bureau; establishes the City of Goshen ordinances, Goshen City Code sections, and Elkhart County Code sections (referred to individually as a “Bureau Ordinance”) that are subject to enforcement through an admission of violation before the violations clerk; assigns an appropriate civil penalty tier to the types of violations listed in the City of Goshen Bureau Ordinances Schedule and Elkhart County Bureau Ordinances Schedule; establishes the amount of civil penalties to be imposed for each civil penalty tier; and identifies the officials, employees or agents authorized to issue citations for the violation of a Bureau Ordinance. Ordinance 5171 is available for inspection in its entirety during regular business hours at the Goshen Clerk- Treasurer’s Office located at 202 S. Fifth Street, Goshen, Indiana.