The City has about 1,100 streetlights that are owned and maintained by NIPSCO, and about 500 decorative streetlights that are owned and maintained by the City.

The decorative street lights, like the ones along Main Street, can be reported out by calling 574-534-2201. By reporting streetlights out, you’re helping City residents and businesses get what they pay for.dsc_1108_edited

NIPSCO-maintained streetlights can be identified by their attachment to wooden poles and their lights extending off mast arms out over the street. These lights are referred to as cobra head.


For NIPSCO-maintained streetlights, the City pays NIPSCO a monthly rate based upon their 750 tariff. For 100-watt high pressure sodium light bulbs, the typical streetlight bulb wattage, the monthly tariff rate is $12.35 each. In general numbers, the City pays almost $13,585 per month for the benefits NIPSCO’s streetlights provide. When streetlights are out, the City is still charged the same amount whether a light is working or not.

It’s up to the City and its residents to report streetlights that aren’t working so NISPCO can repair them. The key to reporting a streetlight out is to know the power pole number, which is listed on an oval metal tag on the poles, located roughly 4 feet off the ground.


There are several ways to report streetlights out. You can use NIPSCO’s terrific website at http://www.nipsco.com/stay-safe/outage-center/report-a-streetlight-out that allows you to report streetlights.

The City’s website has a report a problem button that allows you to report a streetlight out on the top right corner of the homepage.The direct link to reporting an issue is http://goshenindiana.org/report-an-issue. You can also call Goshen Engineering at 574-534-2201.

Thank you for helping the city keep its streets bright this season!