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The City of Goshen is continuing to work with the Michiana Area Council of Governments (MACOG) on a multi-phased study to explore expanding public transit in Goshen. Beginning February 25, 2021, all Goshen residents are invited to take an interactive survey to provide input on various route options being considered.

Phase 1 of the Transit Expansion study, initiated in September 2020, asked residents to identify where they would like service and how new service should be evaluated. This phase included a survey, available online and onboard the Trolley buses, along with a location request map to help identify potential new destinations for transit service throughout Goshen.

Since the survey closed at the end of October 2020, MACOG reviewed the 241 survey responses and 230 requested locations received from Phase 1. Over half of the survey responses came from current non-riders, whose primary reason for not currently riding the Interurban Trolley is that the service does not go where they want. Participants also listed that their main purpose to take the Trolley is for going to work, healthcare, or shopping. When MACOG analyzed the top requested destinations for service, this included Oaklawn Psychiatric Center and Goshen Hospital.

Taking all the information gathered as part of Phase 1, MACOG developed two (2) primary concepts for the proposed route networks. The first concept is to preserve the Red Line as it is and add two (2) new routes, a Northern and Southern Loop, to expand the service area within Goshen. The second concept is to shorten the Red Line to end in Downtown Goshen and to add 3 new routes serving the Northside, Central, and Southside sections of Goshen. Each concept has multiple proposed route options for residents to select as their preferred option. This allows participants to build the preferred network and provide input between each concept.

The interactive survey is available at through March 27, 2021. Paper surveys will also be available at City Hall and the Goshen Public Library. For more information, contact MACOG at 574-287-1829 ext. 888 or by email at