The Goshen Board of Works approved the recommendations from the Traffic Commission to make the following changes to 15th Street:

  • Changing the striping from the typical two parallel white lines to the “Continental” striping to make the crossing more visible to motorists.

Example of “Continental” striping.

  • Replacing the pedestrian warning signs with bike/pedestrian warning signs.
  • Adding additional advanced bike/pedestrian warning signs 125 feet in advance of the crossing.
  • Adding “Cross Traffic does not Stop” underneath both bike/pedestrian stop signs for both directions.
  • Reducing the speed limit from 40 mph to 30 mph from Eisenhower Drive to College Avenue.

Now that the Board of Works has voted on the Traffic Commission’s recommendations, the City Council will vote on whether to reduce the speed limit on 15th Street from Eisenhower Drive to College Avenue.

To read the full Traffic Commission memo to the Board of Works, click here.