On March 20, 2018 the Goshen City Council approved changes to the water and sewer rates and charges (per ordinances 4939 and 4940). This year, the monthly usage charge has been increased as follows:

Cubic feet of water suppliedRate per 100 cubic feet
First 3,000 cubic feet$2.53
Next 97,000 cubic feet$2.17
Over 100,000 cubic feet$1.28

The Council also approved changes to sewer-rate charges. This year the monthly usage charge has been increased to $6.66 per 100 cubic feet. Monthly service charges, which include administrative fees, fire protection charges and maintenance of meters, also have changed this year. Both water and sewer rate charges will be slightly increased each year until 2022.

Water rates and charges

Meter sizeTotal monthly rate 2019202020212022
⅝” meter$12.76$13.14$13.53$13.94
¾” meter$15.46$15.92$16.40$16.89
1″ meter $21.17$21.81$22.46$23.13
1½” meter$34.43$35.46$36.52$37.62
2″ meter $52.02$53.61$55.22$56.88
3″ meter$107.42$110.64$113.96$117.38
4″ meter$164.29$169.22$174.30$179.53
6″ meter$305.16$314.31$323.74$333.45
8″ meter$473.17$487.37$501.99$517.05

Sewer rates and charges

Meter sizeService Charge 2019202020212022
⅝” meter $9.86$10.45$10.76$11.09
¾” meter $12.49$13.24$13.63$14.04
1″ meter $19.70$20.88$21.50$22.15
1½” meter $41.39$43.88$45.19$46.55
2″ meter$68.97$73.11$75.30$77.56
3″ meter$154.37$163.63$168.53$173.59
4″ meter$266.05$282.02$290.48$299.20
6″ meter$601.07$637.14$656.25$675.94
8″ meter$1068.14$1123.23$1166.19$1201.18

Monthly rates for fire-sprinkler meters, private fire hydrants and private fire sprinklers also have changed.

To view a full list of rate charges, go to goshenindiana.org/water-&-sewer-billing. For other questions, contact the Utility Business Office at 533.9399 or via email at watersewer@goshencity.com.