The second “Going Solar” workshop is tomorrow, Saturday Aug. 12 at 9 am at Bethany Christian Schools. Solar tour to follow at 10:30 am.

After the first workshop last week, 13 people signed up to go solar. The Solarize Goshen team’s goal is 30 new solar systems by the end of 2017. The more people who sign up, the larger everyone’s rebate will be. Attend the workshop to learn more!

Solarize Goshen* is working to make it easier, faster, and more affordable to go solar by the end of 2017!

1. Get a Discount: Let’s leverage our buying power!
2. Get a Fair Quote: Pre-selection of solar installer, equipment, pricing.
3. Make it Simple: Attend a workshop to learn more and be eligible for the upfront discount and post-program rebate.

Participants with NIPSCO and I&M are strongly encouraged to sign a contract before Sept 30th, 2017 to receive installation before the end of the year, when changes to net metering policies start to take effect. Your home or business may be eligible for the Solarize negotiated pricing even if it is located in the surrounding counties, thanks to guidance from the Michiana Area Council of Governments.

To get started, visit the Solarize Goshen webpage at www.SolarizeNI.organd RSVP to a workshop. If you want a jump start, fill out the online participant survey and submit your electricity usage data (see instructions in survey) before the workshop.

To learn more about how to go solar in Goshen, visit the City of Goshen webpage at

*Solarize Goshen is part of an independent steering committee of retired engineers, sustainability professionals, solar owners, city and MACOG staff, and other passionate volunteers. No committee member will benefit financially in any way from this initiative, but we will feel good if we succeed in making it easier and more affordable for people adopt clean energy. If you have questions, contact