The Goshen Water Utility has determined that a Freeze Warning is unnecessary at this time.  Due to the cold weather, the Utility does, however, suggest residential and commercial Water Utility customers, who have water lines that are prone to freezing, leave their water run in a small stream the size of a pencil lead, at a single cold-water faucet, located inside their home or business—running water is less likely to freeze.

Residents are encouraged to take further precautions against frozen/burst water lines by insuring that any exposed pipes are insulated, and by eliminating sources of cold air near water lines. Areas most vulnerable to freezing are basements, crawl spaces, unheated rooms and water lines located in outside walls.

In past years the Water Utility issued a Freeze Warning asking for people to take the precaution of running a single faucet; and if the customer contacted the Utility Business Office, their account was adjusted. Because, at this point, the conditions do not require a Freeze Warning, and accounts will not be adjusted. To prevent disruption to service, the Utility will continue to monitor the depth of the local frost line and keep customers informed if further actions become necessary, via local newspapers, Goshen’s web page,, and Facebook.

Customers who experience loss of water service, or a slower than normal water flow due to a frozen water line, are asked to contact the Water Utility at (574) 534.5306.