City Staff has been working non-stop not only to assess and manage the situation but also to ensure we do all we can to help bring State and Federal dollars to those who need them.

Each property needs to contact the city so we can do a simple flood assessment. These assessments have to be done by the city in order to complete the first step of qualifying for the State or Federal money in a flood zone. We are working hard to help those that need it.

The City will be waving the fees to building permits in flood areas. Inspections will still be required under the permit for both safety and to help guard against individuals being taken advantage of if we have any outside contractors here for the wrong reasons. If you have any questions please call the City of Goshen at 533-8621.

We are experiencing a high volume of calls, we are doing our best to make sure you get to talk to a live person, if you leave a message we will call you back as soon as possible.