The Goshen Street Department will begin their monthly brush pick-up program beginning Tuesday, May 31. Residents must take care that piles are placed in the proper location prior to the first day of the pick up at 7:00 in the morning; it is impossible to know which neighborhoods will be picked up on which day of the week. The Department will proceed as quickly as possible and will make a single trip down each street.

Remember, the City of Goshen is not responsible for disposal of large tree limbs and debris from a home owner or contractor taking down a tree on their property. This is beyond the scope of normal yard waste.

Brush piles should be placed at the curb, not in the street. No brush will be picked up in city alleys, and piles are to be trash-free and placed away from utility poles, fire hydrants or trees. If vehicles are parked in front of brush piles the street crew cannot pick up the pile.

Brush should not be put out for collection until the weekend just prior to start of the scheduled collection week. Example: place brush no earlier than May 29 or 30 for collection beginning the 31st of May.

For those with a large amount of brush or yard waste between the scheduled collection dates, residents have two options. A Dial-A-Truck is available to use at no cost to residents; contact the Street Department for details. Or, residents can take yard waste to the Environmental Center located at County Road 19 just west of Indiana Ave.

The June brush collection will be conducted the week of the 27th. Brush collections for the remainder of this summer begin the last Monday of each month, through September.

Any resident with questions may contact the Goshen Street Department at 534-9711 or, Monday–Friday between 7 a.m. and 4 p.m.