It has come to the attention of Goshen Utilities the U.S. Postal Service is having issues with mail delivery. This delay in mail service is affecting some utility customers by causing their utility payment to be late.

For customers concerned about the timely delivery of their utility payment, Goshen Utilities offers payment options that include in-person payment at the Utility Business Office between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. weekdays; a delivery payment box located in the alley north of the police department is available 24/7; customers also can pay through the online payment portal. An additional option is to set up automatic payment withdrawal from your bank account, which would make monthly withdrawals in a timely fashion.

Customers who have not received their anticipated bill in a timely manner are encouraged to call the Utilities Business Office at 574-533-9399 so you may be assisted with other payment options.

For those customers that have received a late fee due to the current postal service delay, Goshen Utilities will offer a late fee waiver for the months of January and February if they contact the Utility Business Office at 574-533-9399. To qualify for a late fee waiver, staff will need to verify the money order or check are dated before the due date.

For customers that have fallen behind in their utility payment, please contact the Utility Business Office to inquire about assistance programs.