Ordinance 4941, Amend Ordinance 4625, Pretreatment Requirements and Standards, to Regulate the Discharge of Mercury by Dental Practices, was passed by the Goshen Common Council on March 6, 2018 and approved and adopted by Mayor Jeremy Stutsman on March 12, 2018. Ordinance 4941 implements a mercury reduction plan to reduce the amount of mercury discharged into Goshen’s wastewater collection system, a publicly owned treatment works. The Ordinance requires a dental practice to install, operate and maintain an amalgam separator. A dental practice is also required to comply with the City of Goshen Mercury Reduction Plan to Dental Practices, Best Management Practices, which includes monitoring, inspection, reporting and other requirements. Ordinance 4941 is available for inspection in its entirety during regular business hours at the Goshen Clerk-Treasurer’s Office located at 202 South Fifth Street, Goshen, Indiana.