NOTE: The following is a message from the Elkhart County Health Department.

Elkhart County has been upgraded to advisory level red. This means there is substantial spread of COVID-19 throughout the county.

  • Our regional hospital beds are rapidly filling with COVID-19 patients.
  • Regional elective surgeries are being canceled on a daily basis due to the increased number of COVID-19 patients.
  • Local employers have reported the highest number of COVID-19 infections since the beginning of the pandemic.

Please consider that your large gatherings or events could become possible super spreader events. Unfortunately, nearly 60% of our county residents are unvaccinated individuals. They are highly likely to spread the virus at your special events. High-risk individuals who are not vaccinated should consider masking or avoiding these large gatherings altogether.

To maximize protection from the Delta variant and prevent possibly spreading it to others, get vaccinated as soon as you can and wear a mask indoors in public if you are in an area of substantial or high transmission. There are still many locations in the county where you can receive the COVID-19 vaccination.

Please remember that children ages 5-11 are now eligible for the vaccination as well. To find a vaccination site, please visit the Indiana Department of Health COVID-19 vaccine page.