Street, yellow trees, storefronts along Main Street.
The west side of the 200 block of South Main Street.

The City of Goshen took ownership of Madison Street and Main Street, between Madison and Pike streets on Friday, April 19, as the designation of US 33 moved to the new overpass. Changes will not be immediately noticeable, but plans to modify Main Street are in the works. 

With the transfer, the City is looking at options on how to enhance Main Street’s landscape. Changes that may soon be seen are a repaving and re-striping to make room for angle parking and to reduce the road from four to two lanes.

The Engineering Department will be meeting with the community to talk about ways to make Main Street better for residents.

The designation of State Road 15 was also shifted from Main Street to Third Street.

The Indiana Department of Transportation, which has jurisdiction over US 33 and SR 15, will continue to be in charge of their maintenance.