On Wednesday, March 22, 2017, a boil order is being issued because of Water Main Construction.  The Indiana Department of Environmental Management requires the Water Utility to issue a boil water order for the affected area of: On Washington between S 7th and S 10th.

Once two (2) consecutive water samples have been taken 24 hours apart and analyzed for the presence of bacteria and are found to be absent of bacteria, the boil order will be lifted.  Notice of the boil order cancellation will be distributed via a customer flier to the affected areas.  For further information or to report specific service concerns, please call Mindy Kyle at the Goshen Water Department at 534-5306.

City water within the affected area should not be consumed without first following prescribed boiling procedures.  The water remains safe for bathing, laundry, and restroom facilities.  Cleaning dishes with a dishwasher is acceptable if it has a sanitizing cycle.  Hand washed dishes should be rinsed with boiled or bottled water.