Mayor issues statement on discussion of Municipal ID card program

Mayor Jeremy Stutsman made a statement Saturday to offer clarity regarding questions about whether the City of Goshen plans to create a Municipal ID card program.

During a Town Meeting Monday, Jan. 23, a resident asked Mayor Stutsman whether he would consider creating a Municipal ID program for the City of Goshen similar to the program in neighboring community, South Bend, Ind. In his reply, Mayor Stutsman said he is researching to find out what a program like this might entail and what purpose it would serve.

“I want to clarify that Goshen is not currently issuing Municipal IDs,” he said. “I am open to look into what other municipalities have done with regards to issuing Municipal IDs for anybody in the community who may need and qualify for them.”

Although creating a Municipal ID card program is not in the mayor’s agenda, he said he is open to looking into it and hearing from the community

If he decides to move forward with such a plan, he would first meet with council members to determine their interest and then possibly propose it to the council in a public meeting. Any new program, such as a Municipal ID card program, would have to go through the council for its approval.

“I’m not even at the point where I’m ready to propose it to the council. I’m not the final decision maker in this process,” Mayor Stutsman said. “We would not embark on any new initiative without first determining there is community need and support,” he said.