The City initiated a traffic study on Main Street to see how four-way stops at Clinton, Washington and Jefferson would impact traffic now that the City has taken control of Main Street. The study began on May 1st and was expected to continue until May 31st.

The vast majority of the feedback the City has received has been from pedestrians as they are very concerned about their safety during this study and have found it more difficult to cross Main Street with the four-way stops. Vehicles are not stopping for pedestrians and are not looking out for them when moving through Main Street. The comments that we have received from motorists have been mostly positive stating that they find it easier to get around downtown and it seems more motorists are moving to Third Street to get through downtown.

Due to the pedestrian concerns, we will be ending the study earlier than originally proposed. The study will end tomorrow, May 14th, at approximately 9am by returning the traffic signals to their normal function at Clinton, Washington and Jefferson. There will likely be further studies in the future once Main Street is reduced from four-lane to two-lane and additional pedestrian improvements can be made.