Kercher Road (CR 38) open to traffic

Kercher Road (CR 38) was opened to traffic on Saturday, December 30, 2017 from Main Street (SR 15), to CR 17. The roadway from the bridge to the railroad tracks east of Main Street has been completed with the final surface and permanent pavement markings. Work will continue spring of 2018 to complete the permanent ground stabilization in this area but will not cause the closure of Kercher Road. All remaining work will be performed under traffic. The original completion date of October 19, 2017 was adjusted to June 1, 2018 due to delays caused by relocating existing utilities. The section of Kercher Road west of the bridge will require the final surface, permanent pavement markings, fine grading of ditches and permanent ground stabilization to be completed spring of 2018 with no anticipated road closures.