The Goshen (“City”) Economic Development Commission (“Commission”) will hold a
public hearing (“Hearing”) at 1:00 p.m. on November 9, 2021, in the City Court Room/Council
Chambers, Goshen Police & Court Building, 111 East Jefferson Street, Goshen, Indiana, regarding
the proposed financing of the cost of all or a portion of the construction of infrastructure
improvements, including but not limited to, road, including curbs and sidewalks, sanitary sewer,
water and flood control improvements, together with all necessary appurtenances and related
improvements (collectively, “Projects”) needed to serve the construction of two new RV
manufacturing buildings and one lamination building (collectively, “Facilities”) and costs of
issuance, in or physically connected to the College Avenue Economic Development Area (“Area”);
(ii) the issuance of its Economic Development Revenue Bonds, Series 2021 (College Avenue
Project) (“Bonds”) in the aggregate principal amount not to exceed Ten Million Seven Hundred
Thousand Dollars ($10,700,000) to finance the Projects; and (iii) to consider whether this financing
will have an adverse competitive effect on any similar facilities already constructed or operating
in the City.

The Bonds will be issued by the City pursuant to IC 36-7-11.9, 36-7-12, 36-7-14 and 36-
7-25, and an ordinance to be adopted by the Common Council (“Ordinance”). The Bonds will not
be payable in any manner by taxation, but are proposed to be payable from TIF Revenues (as
defined in the Trust Indenture) and as otherwise provided in the Financing and Covenant
Agreement, the Trust Indenture and the Ordinance related to the Bonds.

Proceeds of the economic development financing will be used for the construction of the
Projects to serve the Facilities to be located at 16629 County Road 36 in the City.

The public hearing is being held pursuant to IC 36-7-12-24. The public is invited to attend
and comment on any of the matters herein noted. Written comments may also be submitted to the
Secretary of the Commission until November 9, 2021 at 12:00 p.m., by delivering such comments
to the office of the Clerk-Treasurer at City Hall, 202 South 5th Street, Suite 2, Goshen, Indiana or
to clerktreasurer@goshencity.com.