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The August brush pickup will begin on Monday, August 26.

During scheduled brush collections, the Street Department will make only one pass through the city to pick up brush. Residents are asked to have their brush by the front curb, but not in the street, by that first day in the morning at 7 a.m. Brush will not be picked up in alleys. The piles of brush should be trash-free. Crews cannot access the piles if blocked by vehicles.

For information regarding Dial-A-Trailer and the Brush Trailer, go residents are encouraged to go to

The next, and final, brush collection of the year will be September 23, 2019. The Street Department will then move onto leaf pickup in the fall.


Following a successful pilot community conversation in the spring, the Goshen Community Relations Commission (CRC) and Goshen Community Schools (GCS) will embark on a series of events in the next several months that will encourage discourse around topics that uniquely affect Goshen’s residents.

A series of three community conversations—all open to the public—will be held at various locations throughout the city this fall, each addressing a different theme that arose from participating members at a pilot conversation in April. The series of conversations is called “Growing Goshen Together” (GGT).

Jes Stoltzfus Buller, a skilled facilitator with significant experience in collaborative group dialogue, will host the conversations in a World Café format. This method of small group, round-table discussion offers an intimate setting that invites curiosity and helps build relationships, while giving everyone a chance to speak. 

Interpretation will be offered at each table between English and Spanish, so that participants may share in whichever language is most comfortable for them. All information and introductory comments will also be provided in both English and Spanish. 

After each conversation, the facilitator will write a report based on table notes and comments, and post-event surveys. The report will include highlights from the conversation about themes that emerged, as well as ideas or recommendations.

The information will serve as a springboard for the creation of an action plan in each area. Representatives from CRC, GCS and Goshen City will create a core action team and for each conversation/theme, conversation participants and key stakeholders will be invited to join. This team will evaluate the report and will come up with concrete next steps and follow-up plans. 

“Goshen is that rare community where we not only say we embrace diversity, we live the values of acceptance, appreciation and celebration of diversity every day,” said Steve Hope, deputy superintendent at GCS and a member of the GGT series committee. “Also central to the mission of Goshen Community Schools, we are pleased to partner with the city’s Community Relations Commission in supporting this series of community conversations. At the heart of any vibrant and economically strong community is a strong school system. Through each conversation the Goshen Community Schools also learns and grows and is better able to support each and every one of our students.”

CRC and GCS began conversations in 2018 to brainstorm possibilities toward building bridges between diverse groups in the community. Recognizing diversity of all kinds throughout the city, they saw an opportunity for promoting tolerance, understanding and gratitude for all people. This led to a pilot community conversation, Growing Goshen Together, on April 25, 2019, held at Goshen High School. Responses from that event called for more conversations. Through continued conversations about the issues facing the Goshen community, CRC and GCS hope to continue fostering relationships throughout the Goshen community.  

The following information offers details about the upcoming fall conversation series. A potential spring series is in the works, pending approval from the CRC. 

A culture that learns: Our schools and community together • September 26, 2019 • 6–8 p.m. • Boys and Girls Club
Summary:This conversation will offer the opportunity to learn from the community’s schools, which are home to embodied diversity in Goshen, lived out in practice every day. The conversation will focus on what is going well in our schools and where growth is needed. How can our schools better serve the families in Goshen, and what is their role in the larger community?

How Goshen grows: Balancing power and raising up leaders • October 24, 2019 • 6–8 p.m. • Shanklin Park, Schrock Pavilion
Summary: This conversation will address leadership and power in the Goshen community.  Participants will have the opportunity to speak into successful balances of power and how that is created, as well as look at challenges to equalized power.  How does one access power and how does the community grow capacity and leadership to provide opportunities for shared power?

Who is Goshen: Telling our stories • November 14, 2019 • 6–8 p.m. • Boys and Girls Club
Summary: This conversation will provide space to get to know others in the community by listening and sharing about identity and the experiences that shape each person. How have our experiences shaped our values?  Bridging divides requires knowing one another—can we learn to know each other and move from strangers to friends?


Jefferson Street is closed this week between 3rd Street and River Race Drive for the safety of the public—HRP Construction will stage construction equipment and materials north of Jefferson Street, requiring equipment to travel north and south across Jefferson Street as a new parking lot is constructed to the south.

The west southbound lane of 3rd Street will also be restricted during the first several weeks to remove an existing drive approach and install new curb and sidewalk.

The Jefferson Street closure will last until the new parking lot is complete or October 15—whichever comes first. The west southbound lane restriction will go through August 23.


Work on Main Street will begin Monday, August 12, beginning with sidewalk work on the south end of the project corridor (Madison Street). Sidewalks and some parking spaces will be under a rolling closure as work will continuously move north until completion in September.

The closure may include a restriction of the outside travel lanes, but two-way traffic will remain in place during this stage of construction. City staff will notify businesses in advance of the construction when the work will be in front of their store front.

Follow the City of Goshen on Facebook, Twitter and for more road construction updates.

Elkhart County Waters Calendar 2020-21 Call for Photos

It is that time again! If you would enjoy seeing your favorite photo on the Greater Elkhart County Stormwater Partnership’s bi-annual calendar, please send us a copy by August 15th. Limit 10 photos per photographer and each photograph must be in a 300 dpi JPEG digital format and 11” x 8 ½”. We are looking for photos that show conservation practices along Elkhart County’s waterways; stormwater control practices on construction sites or in agricultural settings; all four seasons; and scenic shots of our local rivers, streams, and lakes. We also include some shots of pollution, so send those too if you have a “good” bad example.

For more complete details and forms, contact us at the SWCD office: or (574) 533-4383, ext. 3, or by clicking here


It’s been about a year since the City sought public input on what Main Street should look like. Thanks to everyone’s comments, the City has developed plans and is ready to move forward with the project.

On Friday, July 19, the Goshen Redevelopment Commission approved a contract to rebuild Main Street. A bid for $989,657.60 was awarded to Niblock Excavating to work on the road.

Work will consist of repaving Main Street between Monroe and Pike streets and adding angled parking between Madison and Pike Streets to increase the number of parking spaces. The road also will be reduced to two lanes.

Four-way stops will be placed on the intersections of Clinton, Washington and Jefferson streets. The plan also adds a mid-block crossing between Jefferson and Washington streets. The reconfiguration will allow the road to slow vehicular traffic and to be more pedestrian-friendly.

To determine this reconfiguration, the Engineering Department sought public input beginning in May of 2018. Further communication was had with downtown business owners to gauge their needs. Public comments from businesses and residents included the need for more parking spaces, more handicapped parking, sidewalk ramps, reducing the speed limit and adding four-way stops.

A survey conducted with participation from 83 downtown business owners and workers found that 39 percent of the participants were in favor of angled parking, and 18 percent were against it.

Public comments were taken into account during the planning process; preliminary plans were presented at the redevelopment commission meeting in June.

The contractor will begin work in August, rebuilding portions of the sidewalks and adding sidewalk ramps.

You can see the preliminary plan presentation here. To see the final plan, click here.


The July brush pickup will begin on Monday, July 29.

During scheduled brush collections, the Street Department will make only one pass through the city to pick up brush. Please have your brush by the front curb, but not in the street, by that first day in the morning at 7 a.m. Brush will not be picked up in alleys. The piles of brush should be trash-free. Crews cannot access the piles if blocked by vehicles.

For information regarding Dial-A-Trailer and the Brush Trailer, go to

The next summer brush pick up weeks will begin on the following days:

August 26, 2019
September 23, 2019


Lincoln Avenue will be closed Monday, July 29, from Main Street to 8th Street for milling and paving. Milling and paving on that stretch of the road may last longer than a week.

Norfolk Southern will also close down the railroad crossing at Lincoln Avenue (east of 8th Street) for repairs on the crossing on Monday. The closure will last for a week.