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Note: A previous version of this story listed Third Street as SR 15. Main Street is SR 15 and US 33. We are sorry for the error.

When there is a lull in the snow and freezing rain, the Street Department will be patching pot holes. If you know of a pothole in a city street, call the Street Department at 534-9711 to put it on the list for repair.

Please keep in mind Main Street (SR 15), and Lincolnway, Madison, and Pike streets (US 33) are not city streets even though they are in the city limits. To report a pothole on the state highways, you can contact INDOT at:



Stay up to date on your City utility bills by enrolling in the EZ Pay Program. By completing a simple application, residents can have their monthly water and sewer bill automatically deducted from their checking or savings account. To receive an application visit our website or pick one up when visiting the Utility Office (203 S. 5th Street). There is no charge for this service.


Please help keep the city storm drains unclogged by monitoring them and cleaning them as needed. The large amounts of snow, sand and salt, coupled with fluctuating temperatures and  chances of rain this week could be a cause for clogged storm drains to overflow.

By keeping an eye on those storm drains, residents can help prevent flooding in our streets. If you have any questions or need help unclogging a drain, please contact the Water and Sewer Department at 534.5306 or

In the meantime, the Goshen Street Department will continue to sweep Goshen’s streets to keep sand, salt, and other debris from entering our local waterways (though priority is given to snow removal), and Goshen’s Water and Sewer Department will continue to clean out storm drains so they function correctly, both to allow stormwater runoff to drain off of our streets and so sediment and other debris are captured.


Republic Services wants customers to know they were unable to complete their Thursday pickup route, (Thursday is one of their heaviest routes). With the aid of two additional trucks, they will complete both the Thursday and Friday route tomorrow Saturday, Jan. 6.

Customers who were expecting to get their trash picked up Thursday are asked to leave it for the trucks to pick it up tomorrow. As a reminder: Due to the New Year’s Day holiday, trash pickup was delayed by a day this week and will resume a normal schedule Monday, Jan. 8. Thank you to all community members for your patience.

Mayor Jeremy Stutsman’s statement on City’s resources for homeless community

I want to thank those who have reached out to the City for their passion and concern regarding those in our community who don’t have shelter. This is an issue the City of Goshen takes very seriously, especially when we experience extremely cold temperatures. In the past several years we have opened warming stations and directly notified those who we know are homeless about this special program. Unfortunately we never had anyone utilize the warming areas, so we shifted our approach to try and better serve this population.

Goshen Police Department and other City employees do our best to provide support to those in need. When we have severe weather, Goshen PD will notify those in need of their options. That can range from connecting them with local churches, Interfaith Hospitality Network, and even transporting them directly to the shelter in Elkhart if they wish. We will never leave anyone out on the street who is seeking shelter.

Members of the Goshen community have an important role to play in protecting the homeless. If you are aware of someone in need during severe weather, here are some things you can do:

1. If you feel comfortable, reach out to the person directly. Ask them if they are OK and need someplace to go.

2. Notify Goshen Police Department by calling the 24 hour non-emergency number 574-533-4151. It is very important to call and not send an email or other as those messages are dependent on someone being in front of a computer. Phones calls to the 24 hour line are answered immediately. Goshen PD will contact the person and perform a life safety check, let them know of their options, and offer them transportation if they want it. If there is a medical emergency Goshen PD will notify the Goshen Paramedics immediately to get the individual the help they need. In times when Goshen PD is already experiencing high call volume, Goshen FD is there to respond as well.

3. Contact Interfaith Hospitality Network at 574-534-2300, currently a 24 hour line.

4. The City of Goshen is always interested in new ideas of how to better serve our residents. Please don’t hesitate to contact the city if needed. 574-533-9322

Thank you again for working to help those in need. Please share this information with your friends and family. Together we will be able to make a bigger difference!

With Great respect,

Mayor Jeremy Stutsman

Kercher Road (CR 38) open to traffic

Kercher Road (CR 38) was opened to traffic on Saturday, December 30, 2017 from Main Street (SR 15), to CR 17. The roadway from the bridge to the railroad tracks east of Main Street has been completed with the final surface and permanent pavement markings. Work will continue spring of 2018 to complete the permanent ground stabilization in this area but will not cause the closure of Kercher Road. All remaining work will be performed under traffic. The original completion date of October 19, 2017 was adjusted to June 1, 2018 due to delays caused by relocating existing utilities. The section of Kercher Road west of the bridge will require the final surface, permanent pavement markings, fine grading of ditches and permanent ground stabilization to be completed spring of 2018 with no anticipated road closures.


Republic Services, the City of Goshen’s trash collection contractor, sent out the following statement Friday, Dec. 29, for Goshen residents:

“Due to the extreme weather refuse trucks are freezing up and not running properly, so under these circumstances customers who normally receive garbage pickup service on Wednesday, Thursday or Friday (this week would have been Thursday, Friday, and Saturday because of Christmas), will be caught up next week. As a reminder, garbage services will again run on a one-day delay next week in observation of New Year’s Day. We are very sorry for this inconvenience.”

In addition to the information from Republic Service, with high winds predicted, to prevent trash blowing and scattered around every neighborhood, the City encourages residents to bring trash that is at the pickup spot, back to its storage area in the garage or shed. It can be re-set for pickup again on the day after the normal collection day.

Although we have had delays in trash collection in previous years, this is the longest stretch the disabled trucks have delayed, or made collection impossible.

The City thanks residents for its understanding and cooperation during this frustrating circumstance.


City and Utility offices will be closed on Monday January 1, 2018, in observance of the New Year’s holiday.

The garbage collection schedule for the week of New Year’s will be modified the entire week:

o There will be no garbage collection on Monday, New Year’s Day.
o The Tuesday through Friday routes will be delayed by one day. For example, the normal Monday route will be collected on Tuesday, etc.

Normal collection schedules will resume on Monday, January 8, 2018.

The City thanks the residents of Goshen for their patience during the extreme cold snap this past week that resulted in late collection of trash, and ask for continued understanding as the extended forecast for the week of New Year’s will remain cold (forecast to be no warmer than the low teens). Republic Service has all hands on deck, working to keep their diesel trucks running. The trucks strongly object to the single digit temperatures.

If residents’ trash is uncollected on the scheduled day, they may leave it where it is normally picked up, or bring it back to their shed or garage until the next week’s collection—whichever is more convenient for them. Drivers for Republic Service will finish each route as soon as possible. If they are not done on the planned day.


Republic Services, Goshen’s trash collection contractor, is working hard to make their daily routes.

Due to the extreme cold weather, their diesel trucks are moaning and groaning about having to be out in the elements, but their mechanics are more diligent than those stubborn machines!

They’re on top of, underneath and inside the trucks to keep them on the street.

Remember, trash routes are delayed one day all week this week, due to the Christmas holiday.

Routes that are late in being collected should be caught up to schedule no later than Thursday afternoon. Republic Services and the City anticipate that the Wednesday, Thursday and Friday routes (being run on Thursday, Friday and Saturday this week) will be picked up on schedule.

Customers may either leave their trash where it is regularly placed for collection, or they may bring it back into their garage or shed for collection next week. Whichever is more convenient for them.

If you have any questions, feel free to call Goshen’s Route Supervisor, Christopher Adams, Republic Services, at 218.6738, but we encourage you to be patient and allow a little extra time for the drivers to make their rounds as they, and their equipment, are able.

Thank you for your patience and cooperation during this beautiful (but cold)! holiday week.